Top Social Media Tips for an Effective Event Follow-Up

Top Social Media Tips for Effective Event Follow-Up

You’ve spent several months organizing your event. And now that it was a huge success, your next steps should be as well-organized as the event itself. An immediate follow-up on your organization’s social media site capitalizes on the excitement and enthusiasm generated at your event. Here are some tips on how you can make a successful follow-up.

Follow Up Immediately

When all your guests have gone to their homes and your business cards have been tucked away, your guests can easily forget about your event if you don’t act fast. Whether you’re trying to raise funds or simply asking stakeholders to support future projects, you need to make a quick follow up, so your organization remains top-of-mind. You can start by thanking all your attendees through your social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. Next, send a personalized note to each attendee; you can send segmented emails to important stakeholders like donors, volunteers, and attendees. Every donor or volunteer wants to feel valued — make this your chance to express your sincere gratitude for their support.

Post Photos and Videos

There are two ways to post your event’s photos and videos on Facebook. One way is to post them on your event page. These photos and videos will only be visible to people who were invited. You can also post a link to the event’s photo album on your organization’s Facebook page. This way, more people will have access to your content and event participants can easily share individual photos.


Use a short and consistent hashtag on all your social media communications, including your follow-up campaign. This hashtag will make it easy for all your stakeholders to follow all your post-event activities as well as read related posts from other people.

Create a Dialogue

Getting feedback from your stakeholders is a great way to gain vital information. You can do this by posting a series of questions on social media and soliciting comments. By asking for and receiving feedback, you keep your stakeholders engaged and involved with your organization. This allows them to feel that they are a part of the success the event and ultimately, of your organization.

Post Your Progress

To promote donor retention, it’s important to update your stakeholders on the status of your campaigns. Donors need to know how well their funds are being spent so they can be encouraged to donate again. You can do this by posting relevant photos and videos on Facebook or LinkedIn, or by posting attractive infographics that show how funds were utilized.

The key to a successful event is to keep the flow of communication open with your stakeholders after the event.  This will allow them to feel good about having been a part of your event as well as motivate them to support your future activities.

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