Small Details That Will Take Your Event to the Next Level

For many, organizing an event can be overwhelming. Between focusing on the key elements of your event such as the venue, program, and guest list, it’s easy to overlook small details that can make or break your event. From giveaways to keeping your guests engaged, and everything else in between, here are important details that you shouldn’t forget.

Service should be your priority

You’re in a service-oriented field where you will be dealing with different kinds of people. Make sure that you’ve trained your staff to be accommodating to your client, guests, speakers, and other participants. Remember that your staff not only represent your company but also your client. At the end of the day, people will remember good service and the friendly atmosphere.

Engage your guests

After inviting guests to your event, your next challenge is how to keep them engaged. If you want your guests to leave feeling good about your event, you need to make them feel special. You can give them a special parting gift, involve them in the event’s program, and urge them to share the event on social media using a special hashtag.

Take care of logistics

Seemingly insignificant things like traffic flow and parking space can escalate into real problems if not handled properly. Make sure that you have enough parking space for all the guests and provide signages to ensure they know where to park. If there isn’t enough parking space, hire a valet service.

Feed your guests well

You don’t want your guests to go hungry while waiting for your event to start. Talk to your caterer about providing hors-d’oeuvres while waiting. Cutting back on catering could leave your guests hungry, tired and less energized for the event.

Mind the bathrooms

When you’re pumped on making your event as flawless as possible, it’s easy to overlook the bathroom. Make sure to provide toiletries. You can even add special touches like a small vase of fresh flowers, mouthwash, hand lotion, hand sanitizer and band-aids.

Take note of what’s on your table

Little extras can make your event unforgettable. Place some unexpected items on the tables. For example, instead of a flower arrangement, you can place a small cupcake tree or vases filled with breadsticks that guests can partake.

Go for unique giveaways

A well-thought-out giveaway is your opportunity to leave a positive impression on your guests. Give them something unique that they can use or eat. Examples of these are well-designed t-shirts, gadgets, gourmet food, chocolates, and spirits.

Ask for feedback from your staff and guests

After the event, gather your staff and ask them what worked and what did not, so you can improve your services at your next event. You can also get feedback from your guests by creating a social media page of your event.

Whatever type of event you organize, always be willing to go above and beyond what’s required of you to make your event more of a lasting, memorable, experience.

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